Tuesday, April 21, 2015

First Hatches are Here!

The dry fly fishing season’s first hatches are here. The bugs are active and so are the fish.

Blue Wing Olive hatches are steadily moving up the Arkansas River and Colorado and Caddis are also starting to be seen. We are actually only a couple of weeks out from the “Mother” of all Colorado hatches – The Mother’s day Caddis Hatch. 

The next few weeks offer some of my favorite fishing as the river and the hatch warms up. The Caddis hatch will start to slowly make it’s way up river from Canyon City. But, this is also a great time to fish the Blue Wing Olive hatch as it also moves up the river. I may even prefer the BWO hatch to the Caddis hatch.

With boats cleaned out and ready to launch and guides chomping at the bit to take you fishing. We are sufficiently geared up and ready to get you on the water. We have been floating the Colorado with some great success and the wade fishing on the Arkansas has been great as well. Spinney Reservoir is also open and the Stillwater fishing has been excellent.

We have a ton of great experiences to offer you. Now is the time to get out and fish, before some options may be out of play with runoff. But, remember we always have somewhere to fish, even during runoff season. With many tailwaters and trophy Stillwater lakes close by. With all of our options, there is never no-where to fish!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring is definitely showing itself here in Colorado and this means good fishing. This year we have quite a few more options than usual. We have already been floating the Colorado down from Pumphouse and the river is good to go all the way down. There has also been great fishing on the Arkansas from Buena Vista downriver. The Eagle, Roaring Fork and Frying Pan Rivers are also fishing well. Locally the Blue has also been fishing well below the Dam, with some higher flows being released from Dillon Reservoir causing good amounts of Mysis shrimp and midge larvae to be released into the river. This has also opened up the Blue all the way to Green Mountain Reservoir. All this open water is offering some great fishing for our clients. We have been having some great days on the Colorado, Arkansas and Blue.

The next few months offer great fishing in a forgotten season here in Colorado. Any day now we should see some of the first Blue Wing Olive hatches on the Colorado and Arkansas Rivers. Then the Caddis will show up soon after. We also have some great Rainbow and Cutthroat spawns on the South Platte, Colorado, Roaring Fork, Arkansas, Blue and Eagle. This is a great time of year to hunt for some lunkers. This early season offers a little bit of everything and we can offer you a great experience. Give us a call or shoot me an email and we can discuss some options and line you up with the perfect guide for your adventure.

Early season fishing may not fit into your perfect picture of a fly fishing adventure and I can understand. You could be right. The temperatures can be a little cooler and the weather can change frequently. But the fish and fishing will change that perception quickly. So let us get you on the water this spring for a great fishing experience.

If summer is still your season of choice, this is a great time to reserve your favorite guide. The calendar is starting to fill up and we want to make sure you get your trips booked for the dates and guides you need. Give us a call and reserve your trip!

Go to our website- www.blueriveranglers.com for more info.



Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Time to Get Out and Fish!

Freeing from Winter’s Grip

Well here we go into another fishing season. Some of you may think. Wow February is a little early! But to be honest with the warmer winter temperatures the fishing has been off the hook. Not to mention we have many more locations to fish than normal.

People have been floating from Pumphouse down already and catching some nice fish. Rancho is running shuttles already as well. I have also heard good things about the lower Colorado at Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork from the Frying Pan down.

The reports from around the state have been quite nice. The Arkansas in the Salida area is fishing great, with 30 plus fish days. The S. Platte around Deckers has been fishing excellent. Then look for the Rainbows to be on the move up and out of Eleven Mile Reservoir in to the Dream Stream. If you can hit the Dream Stream right when the bright Rainbows are up. You had better hang on for some good fights.

All this early season action may be a little out of the norm or at least the 70 plus temperatures. But the reality is that these rivers always break free of winters grip around now. Give or take a week or two.

In a short time we will also start seeing some of the years first Blue Wing Olive hatches on the Arkansas and lower Colorado Rivers. The Arkansas has some of the best early season dry fishing in the country and we are ready to get you out for an experience on the Ark.

If float fishing is your thing, think about a trip on the Roaring Fork or lower Colorado. These rivers also have some of the first hatches in the state. Blue Wings and then Caddis and not to mention the Rainbow spawn that gets the fish active.

There are so many good fishing experiences in the spring and I really want you to come and get a taste for yourselves.

Another great experience this spring is our Guide School. Have you ever wanted to become a professional fly fishing guide or just learn how to operate a drift boat safely and successfully? Well this is the class for you! This class will get you all the required training to be a Certified River Guide as well as teach you the finer points of successful guiding and fly fishing.

If any of these spring opportunities interest you, please give me a call or email and we can discuss further.

Hope to see you soon!



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Happy New Year of Fishing

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! Let this year be the best to us all.

Now that we have ushered in a new year, many things of the year ahead come to mind. Summer dry fly fishing and warm temps of course, but I still have some powders days in my future as well as some winter fly fishing.

Winter fly fishing can offer a fly fishing experience that is quite unique. Typically the waters can be less crowded and the solitude and quite gives a peace to the day. Somewhat like what most of us envision a perfect fly fishing experience to be. Sure the cold can sometimes creep into your toes and fingers, but if you pick the day right, you may never notice a chill.

Trout on Colorado tailwaters and spring fed streams will eat vigorously during the daylight hours, with the most action in the middle of the day. Some streams even often a mid day midge hatch and it is not uncommon to catch a few fish on dries, when the opportunity arrives.

Right now in Colorado, we have been having quite a warm spell and the fishing has been good. I have had some great reports from the Blue River tailwater below Dillon reservoir and also some great fishing up on the Williams Fork below Williams Fork reservoir. This section feeds the Colorado and this gives a unique opportunity to fish two different rivers. Each river fishes quite differently and you could find yourself having to change flies and techniques within a matter of feet.

In the next couple of weeks, the rainbows on the Colorado and South Platte will start thinking about spawning and making a move. I have had some great January and February days on the Colorado, Williams Fork and the Dream Stream on the South Platte. These fish will be “Hot” so be ready for a fight!

Besides these opportunities there are many others to offer. Try the Arkansas in the Salida area, look at the Eagle River in the Gypsum area, head to the Frying Pan and Roaring Fork Rivers, check out the South Platte at Deckers or maybe head to the Yampa Tailwater out of Steamboat.

These are just a few, so pick a nice day and head out for a serene fly fishing experience on one Colorado’s premier winter fly fishing destinations.